“Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present generations without jeopardizing the needs of the future generations”
“Social, economic and environmental needs are inseparable and interdependent components of human progress”

- Extract from the UN World Commission on Environment and Development Report (1987)

MCMA today is moving from talking about the can to sustainable development. There are three elements to sustainability – economic, environmental and social, all of which we should consider while talking about sustainability.

Each of the MCMA member companies are committed to, balancing the needs of present population with those of our grandchildren.

The case for cans:
• Indestructible material
• Which perfectly protects its contents
• Is light weight and is cubic
• and completely recycled so no waste
• Convenient and Trendy
• Economical for the consumers and the company

and cans are:
• Infinitely recyclable, with no loss of quality
• And because of the high value of scrap metal, it’s financially worthwhile to re-use them
• and AGAIN
• … and AGAIN

Today a Tin Can Offers:
1) Convenience
2) Eco Friendliness
3) Pilfer and Tamper Proof
4) 100% Recyclability
5) Unmatched Strength
6) High Barrier Properties
7) High shelf life
8) Hygiene
9) Faster Chilling and Cooling
10) Cooler Sensation
11) Modern and Trendy